Program Evaluation
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The presenter was knowledgeable
The method of presentation was appropriate
The presentation was fair and well balanced
The visual presentation was well done
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The content had substance
The content was interesting to me
The content was relevant to my practice
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Appraise the basic clinical mycology of Coccidioidomycosis
Recognize the epidemiology of Coccidioidomycosis in California and Identify patients who are at risk for this disease
Manage the outpatient with “valley fever” and mild non-disseminated Coccidioidomycosis
Recognize the advanced forms of Coccidioidomycosis
Order the initial screening blood test, cultures, & radiological studies for forms of Coccidioidomycosis
Review and direct proper consultations for the management for Coccidioidomycosis
Identify the patients at increased risk for primary acquisition &/or reactivation of Coccidioidomycosis (eg., immunocompromised, concomitant medications that may facilitate disease)
Explain treatment options for “valley fever” & various forms of Coccidioidomycosis
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My expectations for the seminar were met
I can use what I learned